Week 5: Chapters vs. Stories, Part 1

This week, Robbie Maakestad talks about how we took about Winesburg, Ohio and put it back together again.

Essaying the Essay

This semester I have the privilege of being in Cathy Day’s Linked Fiction class.  She has asked each student to cover one week of class and post about it on our class blog which can be accessed here: iamlinking.wordpress.com.

In Week 4, Kate covered our second week of examining how a novel can be divided up into stories.


Fiction: Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood AndersonWinesburg, Ohio

Narrative Theory: “What Makes a Short Story Short?” by Norman Friedman

Narrative Theory: Chapter 2, “Winesburg, Ohio,” of The Short Story Cycle by Susan Garland Mann


Before reading Winesburg, Ohio our class split into two groups, each assigned a different reading lens: Group A was to read the book and consider ways to make Anderson’s work less like a novel, while Group B was to consider ways to make the book more like…

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